Keep Your Nissan Running Smoothly with Routine Brake Maintenance

When it comes to your vehicle, ensuring that every part is working properly leads to a healthy and enjoyable driving experience. When you need routine maintenance, Empire Lakewood Nissan is a stellar location that provides world-class service and factory-trained technicians who use state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair tools to take care of any of your needs. When it comes to something like your brakes, you want to ensure you get routine maintenance to keep them operating at the top level, and no team does it better than the one at Empire Lakewood Nissan! 

Why is Routine Brake Maintenance Important? 

Brakes are necessary to the performance of your vehicle. When your brakes aren't properly working, it can affect your Nissan's ability to stop safely, and it can lead to excessive brake wear and tear and might even lead to accidents when you can't stop in time. Brakes wear down through use and most drivers use their brakes consistently while out and about. When you schedule a service appointment with our team, we'll use genuine Nissan parts to fix the issue and guarantee longevity out of your Nissan brakes. 

How Often Should You Have Your Brakes Serviced? 

Using your owner's manual is ideal in determining when you need your brakes serviced. Typically, brake pads should be replaced every 50,000 miles, but this number can vary based on what type of driver you are, or the conditions that you drive in. If you ride the brakes often, you might need to have yours replaced every 25, 000 miles, while some drivers might not need to get them replaced until the 70,000-mile mark. 

Is it time to get your brakes changed? 

If you notice that it takes longer to stop or you feel a vibration when pressing the brakes, these can be indicators that your brakes need an update. Swing by Empire Lakewood Nissan or call us today, and we'll get you scheduled for service as soon as possible!