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Nissan Titan: Go Off the Beaten Path

The Nissan Titan is a feature-packed full-size pickup without a full-size price. This popular truck gets the job done with powerful features that make it look easy. It has enhanced towing capacity and off-road capability.

The Nissan Titan allows you to easily tow a load by yourself, using the performance features of the truck to help. Place the vehicle in tow mode, and you can always find the right gear. The durable bed is ready to haul 1,610 pounds of payload. 

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See the Performance Features in the All-New Nissan Rogue

Have you checked out the new Nissan Rogue? There is a lot to love about this exciting compact SUV. Drivers have praised Nissan Rogue for its fuel economy. With a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, the Rogue gets incredible gas mileage on the highway. In addition to its fuel efficiency, Nissan added some additional features like a sport mode button and driver assistance safety options.

You get high-quality steering and stable handling with the Rogue as well. Much of the vehicle's design revolves around being the safest SUV. Nissan received high marks in safety due to the design of the…

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Need Great Performance? Get the Nissan Pathfinder

Consumers looking for a roomy vehicle that offers great performance, good fuel economy and tons of cargo and passenger space often find the Nissan Pathfinder a good fit. One look at this vehicle and shoppers usually understand why it’s such a popular seven-passenger SUV. If you’d like to see it yourself, stop at Empire Lakewood Nissan.

Many of the Nissan Pathfinder’s performance features are compliments of the Intelligent 4WD, which does a lot of the work for you, including switching from 2WD to 4WD when needed, helping maneuver corners and braking for you when you’re traveling…

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The Nissan Maxima Is Built for Comfort

Searching for a luxurious sports sedan that offers all of the latest technological advances? You don't need to look any further than the Nissan Maxima. The Maxima has grown in popularity over the years because of Nissan's commitment to safety and excellence.

The interior of the Nissan Maxima is designed for comfort. Premium leather seats and a steering wheel inspired by race cars will have you wishing you could stay in the driver's seat forever.

The Maxima comes complete with the Nissan Intelligent Key. Compatible with any smartphone, the key allows the driver to start their car…

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Understanding the Operation of Your Car's Timing Belt

If you are like a notable number of people, you have heard of a timing belt, but you may not be fully aware of what it does. In fact, a timing belt is an important element of the internal combustion engine in your car.

The primary task of a timing belt is to synchronize the action of the crankshaft with the camshaft. This synchronization ensures that the valves in your car operate at the proper times. In other words, the timing belt is key to opening and closing your car's valves appropriately during intake and exhaust strokes. If it…

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The Big Problem with Hazy Headlights

Everyone has seen those discolored or hazy headlights on vehicles. While this can be visually unappealing for the overall look of the vehicle, it has much more serious aspects as well.

Hazy headlights can compromise the ability to see properly when driving during nighttime hours or during stormy conditions. This is due to the light's rays not being projected properly in front of the automobile. Unless you spend a small fortune on specialty headlights for your vehicle, this is sure to be an issue at some point.

To correct the hazy headlight syndrome, you can opt either to install…

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What Does Horsepower Mean?

When people go to look for a new car, there are lots of features that people look for. For example, one of the more popular options is the rearview camera or even the parallel parking feature. However, what is still one of the popular ones is horsepower. In layman's terms, horsepower is the term used to describe the power of the vehicle.

Now horsepower is really important for people buying trucks and SUV's. Of course, the bigger the horsepower, the better, the smaller, the worse. What people do not know is the origins of the word.

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Why Making Sure You Have Rock Salt & Sand with You This Winter Is Smart

One of the worst parts of every winter is the snow and the ice; the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that every year over 30,000 fatal automobile accidents occurs in America. Similarly, the CDC states that every year about one million Americans will slip and fall, 17,000 of these falls will result in a fatal accident.

Taking the proper precautions to reduce your chances of slipping this winter is extremely smart. One of the best ways you can do this is to always keep sodium chloride rock salt along with a bag of sand in your vehicle…

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The Reasons Empire Lakewood Nissan is the Top Choice for Auto Service

Are you on the fence about where to bring your trusted sedan, crossover, or SUV for reliable service? For a top-tier solution in the Lakewood, CO area, be sure to bring your vehicle in to see us at Empire Lakewood Nissan. You will not only get your car repaired in a timely manner the first time, but you will also get the benefit of exceptional customer service during your visit.

Come down to see us at 14707 W Colfax Avenue, and your vehicle will be serviced or maintained today and safely back on the road in no time at all…

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Find Out Why That Dashboard Warning Light Came On

It's never a good feeling when you see one of your dashboard warning lights come on in your vehicle. But if that does happen to you, don't panic. It is more important to understand what the light means and then figure out what is causing it to come on.

For example, if you see a red light that looks like an oil can, that typically means that the vehicle has detected a drop in oil pressure. This can sometimes be fixed just by simply doing a quick oil change.

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