Nissan Pathfinder: Intelligent Performance Features

The new Nissan Pathfinder has intelligent performance features that will help you maintain maximum efficiency and adjust to changing road conditions. There are many reasons why this popular seven passenger SUV is the perfect vehicle for your next road trip.

The Nissan Pathfinder has full-time 2 Wheel-Drive that has a selectable power mode. Auto mode constantly monitors for conditions and adjusts the power between the front and rear wheels to help you maintain the best traction. You can also lock it into four-wheel-drive. It also features an Advanced Drive-Assist Display that shows you Pathfinder's four-wheel-drive system in action and lets you see where the power is going. The best part about the new Pathfinder is that it works behind the scenes so that all you have to do is enjoy the journey.

If you want to take a look at a new Pathfinder for yourself, stop by Empire Lakewood Nissan for a test drive.



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