The Nissan Rogue Sport Offers an Abundance of Technology

Not all vehicle owners enjoy owning and driving large vehicles. Thus, the compact Rogue Sport is the ideal SUV for them. Along with the convenience of having an SUV on a smaller scale, the Rogue has a wealth of unique technological features. Learn more about the popular compact SUV by visiting our Nissan sales location. While you are here, go for a test drive.

Add door-to-door navigation technology to the infotainment system. Link it with a smartphone or another mobile device and enjoy the convenience of navigating around unfamiliar communities. Park in one area and receive a detailed route to get to the desired destination. The service also provides real-time traffic updates and enables Bluetooth streaming in addition to having voice control capability.

Use the service and enjoy a virtual assistant. Start the Rogue Sport remotely, control cabin temperature, and lock or unlock doors from a distance.



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