The Muffler's Role in the Exhaust System

The exhaust system is one of the unsung heroes of your vehicle. This complex array of parts helps make sure your vehicle doesn't emit too much of anything into the environment. After all, your car emits toxins, pollutants carbon, and noise. The muffler is one part of your exhaust system that makes sure your car doesn't make too much noise.

Why does it even matter if your car is loud? Well, while it may not bother you, it will definitely bother other people. That's not to mention animals and small children who are more sensitive to loud noises. Tickets can be issued for a muffler that is not properly muffling the noise your car exudes.

If you notice your car making more noise than normal, you might want to consider consulting a professional. Pay us a visit at Empire Lakewood Nissan to learn more about steps you can take to ensure your vehicle is functioning properly.

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