Plan Fun Off-Road Trips in the Nissan Armada SUV

Running on a V8 engine block, the Nissan Armada is advertised by Empire Lakewood Nissan as a full-size SUV with strong capabilities. When buying or leasing this imported vehicle, clients should carefully review the 5.6L engine's specifications. The gasoline powertrain is muscular enough to tow a trailer that's packed with a maximum of 8,500 pounds, as measured by SAE standards. You should turn on the Tow/Haul Mode when towing a trailer on a highway or the hills.

A seven-speed gearbox is standard in this premium Nissan model. You'll appreciate the assistance from the Adaptive Shift Control, which uses sophisticated processes to calculate optimum gear ratios based on previous trips. The auto transmission system also has the Downshift Rev Matching that prevents erratic surges in gear speeds. Additionally, the Armada has a power steering system that reacts to the readings that are registered by the tachometer in the instrument panel.



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