Accomplish More With the Nissan Titan XD Truck

The 2018 Nissan Titan XD is a pickup truck that meets rigorous demands from drivers in our city and beyond. This durable vehicle is available with two powerful V8 engine blocks that are tuned for hard labor.

You could fill the car's heavy-duty bed with a maximum payload of 1,950 pounds. Having a towing capacity of more than 9,000 pounds, the Titan XD is also designed to transport trailers over long distances. Several mechanical installations optimize towing and hauling of this versatile pickup truck. For example, the Active Brake Limited Slip prevents the front and rear wheels from slipping on unpaved surfaces.

The 2018 Titan XD PRO-4X at Empire Lakewood Nissan is equipped with the signature Bilstein shocks that guarantee a comfortable ride on mud, rocks, gravel and other rugged landscapes. An electronic rear differential gives the wheels an extra boost for off-road navigation. Skid plates also protect the chassis from scratches, dents and cracks.



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