Why Making Sure You Have Rock Salt & Sand with You This Winter Is Smart

One of the worst parts of every winter is the snow and the ice; the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that every year over 30,000 fatal automobile accidents occurs in America. Similarly, the CDC states that every year about one million Americans will slip and fall, 17,000 of these falls will result in a fatal accident.

Taking the proper precautions to reduce your chances of slipping this winter is extremely smart. One of the best ways you can do this is to always keep sodium chloride rock salt along with a bag of sand in your vehicle wherever you go. If you get stuck in a ditch or simply want to remove the ice around your driveway and sidewalks, the rock salt will work fast to eat it away but remember to apply the sand so when the water refreezes you will have a gritty surface.

Be sure to be prepared this winter season from all of us at Empire Lakewood Nissan, and above all else remember to drive safely!

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