Understanding the Operation of Your Car's Timing Belt

If you are like a notable number of people, you have heard of a timing belt, but you may not be fully aware of what it does. In fact, a timing belt is an important element of the internal combustion engine in your car.

The primary task of a timing belt is to synchronize the action of the crankshaft with the camshaft. This synchronization ensures that the valves in your car operate at the proper times. In other words, the timing belt is key to opening and closing your car's valves appropriately during intake and exhaust strokes. If it's not in peak form, your engine does not operate to par.

A timing belt does not last forever. If you think that you may be having an issue with your timing belt, come see us at our service center today. The mechanics here at Empire Lakewood Nissan can inspect your timing belt and replace it if necessary - in no time!

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