The Big Problem with Hazy Headlights

Everyone has seen those discolored or hazy headlights on vehicles. While this can be visually unappealing for the overall look of the vehicle, it has much more serious aspects as well.

Hazy headlights can compromise the ability to see properly when driving during nighttime hours or during stormy conditions. This is due to the light's rays not being projected properly in front of the automobile. Unless you spend a small fortune on specialty headlights for your vehicle, this is sure to be an issue at some point.

To correct the hazy headlight syndrome, you can opt either to install new headlight housings or have the headlight housings cleaned properly. The technicians in our service center at Empire Lakewood Nissan are able to give you a prognosis for what would best serve your needs for dealing with hazy headlights on your vehicle and extending the duration of experiencing these issues.

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