Get the Scoop on the Infotainment System

Some people would debate that an infotainment system is needed in this day and age. Without it, a car would render useless. It is the lifeblood of any vehicle; connecting the driver with the rest of the world.

Let’s cover what an infotainment system entails and its importance for a driver.

Many car brands have different types of infotainment systems; all with different names. The infotainment system is located on the navigation screen for easy access. Some infotainment features are Android Auto for Google users and Apple CarPlay for iOS users. Just connect your smartphone and you can use your apps in the car.

You could test out an upgraded infotainment system at Empire Lakewood Nissan. Visit us for a test drive of one of our vehicles, so we can show you what the infotainment system is all about.

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