World-Class Battery Service is the Norm with Empire Lakewood Nissan

Ensuring that your battery is operating at or near peak performance level is key to your Nissan vehicle's health. Without a battery at full charge, you'll find the electronics in your vehicle can't function properly, your lights are dimmer, and most importantly, you'll often have trouble starting your vehicle. This can be bothersome, and it can leave you on the side of the road, waiting on a tow. But, the expert team at Empire Lakewood Nissan is trained in all things Nissan, and we only use genuine Nissan parts to ensure you get the best for your car, truck, or SUV. 

Why is Routine Battery Service Important? 

Your battery is responsible for the many parts of your vehicle that help keep you going and keep you comfortable. Without a properly functioning battery, you might lose the ability to keep your vehicle warm or cool, you can lose your ability to see when driving at night, and you might have issues even starting your Nissan vehicle. Properly maintaining your battery ensures that you keep things healthy, and the service team at Empire Lakewood Nissan is happy to take care of this for you.  

How Often Should You Get Your Battery Serviced?  

If you're looking for the best time to get routine battery maintenance, you should refer to your owner's manual. Typically, you want to have your battery tested at least twice per year, but this number can vary based on the weather conditions. Hot and cold days can wear heavier on your battery, so you should always pay attention to the signs that indicate your battery needs service. These can include:

  • It takes multiple attempts to start your car
  • Your battery is more than five years old and you drive regularly
  • Interior lights are dim or don't light up at all

When you notice these signs, give us a call!

Ready for expert technicians to take care of your Nissan's well-being?

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